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An Interview with Photographer Twila Federica Muzzi

Interview by Brad Roe; Images Courtesy of Twila Federica Muzzi

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Twila Federica Muzzi is a photographer based in the Czech Republic. She’ll be covering the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Dübendorf, Switzerland, this weekend for Peloton Magazine. 


Peloton: Twila, how did you get into cycling photography? Do you ride or race as well? 

Twila Federica Muzzi: Well, first of all I got into cycling because of my ex-boyfriend. He’s a cyclist. Before him I didn’t know anything about it. I’ve loved photography since I was little so when I met my ex I went to see him racing and, as someone that loves to take photos, I started to shoot him at those events. First as a hobby, and now…well here I am. Lucky and proud to do it as a job.

I started to ride my bike just this year after I moved to the Czech Republic. I used to live in Milan, and for me it was impossible to think to ride a bike there. Let’s be honest, it’s a big metropolitan city. Not ideal for riding bikes…and also I was attending graphic design school, and when I had free time I used to go shoot races.

Now, shooting sport events is my main job, so I have more free time and I’m enjoying riding my bike here in the Czech Republic. Now I understand people when they say ‘you feel free’ because it’s just you, your thoughts and the bike.

Peloton: What are your favorite races and events to cover?

TFM:  If we talk about races in general, I like one-day races. I fell in love with the Belgian classics because of the atmosphere—the energy you can feel at those kinds of events. The one-day race is more dynamic than a big tour because the energy and emotion is concentrated in a single-day race and not spread over three weeks.

Peloton: What is special about shooting ‘cross and specifically cyclocross worlds?

TFM: I love shooting ‘cross. It’s intimate. Everything—people, riders—find themselves in a limited space. Shooting ‘cross unleashes your creativity—you won’t get home with the same shot every time.

For me, this year is the first time I am shooting ‘cross worlds, and I am so excited about it. Knowing that I’ll be able to shoot the next world champ makes me proud and happy. I really enjoyed shooting the past cx races. They all were like big parties…I have a feeling that it will be even bigger party in Dübendorf.

Peloton: What camera equipment do you use at most events and why?

TFM: I’m using Nikon because of my father. He likes photography, too, so when I was little he gave me one of his cameras. I started with a D80 and now I’m using two Nikon bodies, a D500 and a D300, for the races, one with a 24-70mm lens for wide or portraits shots. I use a 70-200mm for action shots.

Peloton: Tell us about shooting for Valcar Travel & Service and your role with the team.

Twila: This year is the second year that I have worked with this team. Thanks to them I was able to understand what it means to live in this kind of world. I had the privilege of being able to experience travel and live with a suitcase in my hand, always on the go, going home to wash the shirts and then ready to leave again. To do any job in this world, you should like it. Otherwise, you cannot do it.

My main role in the team was to document the cycling journey of this group of young women. Showing people the behind the scenes behind every victory or defeat.

Twila three weeks into shooting her first Giro d’Italia: “So wrecked! But I liked it!”

Look for Twila’s work from the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Switzerland this weekend on our Instagram. You can also see Twila’s work here: • Instagram • Twitter • Facebook

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