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Lighter, Faster, Stronger: Mavic SL-C

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Mar 16, 2016 – Paris-Nice is also known as The Race to the Sun. Over the course of 8 stages the race makes its way from the start in the French capital city and heads south to finish in the resort destination of Nice. Held in early March, it is not uncommon for the racers to battle adverse weather while traversing numerous mountains in the pursuit of victory. Stage 3 of this years race was cancelled as the peloton rode into freezing temperatures, falling snow, and icy pavement on their accent up Cote Des Echarmeaux. It is quite fitting that legendary French component manufacturer Mavic chose the final city of this storied stage race as the venue to unveil the newest additions to their carbon road wheel line. The towering climbs and twisting-tight turns of the region surrounding Nice would be well suited for testing the performance and handling of these new Mavic wheels.

Jordan Clark Haggard/Mavic Cycling

It was with much excitement the brand revealed a project they have been developing for close to two years. The Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C and Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C are both full carbon clincher wheelsets designed with Mavic’s core focus combining performance and reliability. Both products benefit from new technologies like the iTgMax lazer treated braking surface and full carbon rim construction. Developed over countless hours of research and testing by a staff of engineers and carbon experts at the company’s lab in Annecy and further proven through real world testing and analysis by professional athletes on the nearby Mount Ventoux.

In previous carbon clincher models Mavic has relied on an alloy insert inside the rim bed to dissipate heat and combat the enormous stress forced upon the rim. A clincher rim must be strong enough to withstand the air pressure pushing outward, the ground impacts and forces of the rider, as well as the inward pressure and heat produced during braking. While carbon can be quite rigid and withstand unidirectional forces it is much more complicated to make a rim that can take these forces coming from multiple angles and when the added variable of extreme braking heat is introduced results can become catastrophic.

To combat these issues Mavic has focused on the creation of a one-piece rim contour, which requires no extra machining to obtain a consistent rim bed and bead to properly hold a clincher tire. Through their research it has been determined that under heavy braking, rim temperatures can reach 200°C. To counter these extremes, they have also developed resin with higher Tg melting temperatures. With these among other technological advancements and over 30 tests preformed during the development process, Mavic has been able to manufacture a full carbon rim they feel confident releasing to the consumer.

The safety of the new Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C and Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C is further advanced with the laser treatment called iTgMax. In this process a condensed beam of light is projected along the braking track to create an even and reliable surface. The rim that is already extremely consistent is further refined to make a surface with nearly zero variations.

CARBON CLINCHER1 2.0 overview

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.38.38 PM


The treatment also removes excess resin creating reliable and confident braking performance, especially under wet conditions. This paired with the Mavic branded brake pads provides unparalleled braking performance. I was able to experience this superior braking quality on my first descent from the legendary Col De La Madone. As I approached the tight turns and steep pitches, I was surprised and reassured by the positive and consistent engagement of the brakes on this revolutionary braking surface.

The Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C is 40mm deep and aimed at riders who need a wheel that is both aerodynamic and lightweight. Mavic has tested it’s aerodynamics and boasts results out preforming competitor’s offerings, even with greater rim depths. The Rims have a 25mm external and 17mm internal width designed to take 25c or wider tires. The wheels have 18 front and 24 rear bladed steel spokes lacing the rim to the super light Instant Drive 360 hubs which use a quick engaging 40t dual ratchet system. The Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C weighs in at an impressive 1450g for the pair and are sold with the Yksion Pro GripLink (front) and PowerLink (rear) tires both 25c.


The Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C is constructed quite similarly to the Cosmic, differing in rim depth and spoke shape. The 25mm rim depth and thinner spokes are designed for riders looking for a lighter wheel option. The Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C come in at a scant 1390g for the set. Both wheels will also be available in tubular and disc break versions.


To give consumers a chance to experience and better understand the Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C and Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C wheelsets, Mavic has created their Riding is Believing program. This test ride program is free of charge to riders and will be available at selected partnering shops worldwide. A list of participating shops and updates can be found at Mavic will also be extending the warranty on these wheels by offering Mavic Care Plus, when the products are registered online at This extends the factory warranty to 3 years and introduces a crash replacement of 40% off msrp.